• Financial Protection claims are not regular or common in practice. All the legitimate claims falling within the rules as defined in the ILN Terms & Conditions shall be eligible for settlement
  • New Member undergoes the complete Financial Due Diligence to become an ILN Member and be secured with the Financial Protection Plan.
  • Qualified ILN Members are covered for claims of up to USD 20,000 per year.  
  • Only ILN Members can access the ILN Terms & Conditions of the Financial Protection Plan by logging in to their respective account.


  • Attending the ILN AGM event helps the ILN Member Partners to expand their global reach, target the new markets and enhance their revenues
    Developing the existing partner relationship, Creating the new partners, Venturing into the new markets
  • An opportunity for ILN Member Partners to annually meet each other on One to One basis.
  • An opportunity to discuss and finalise the volume and profit oriented businesses
  • Annual Conference offers its Members to socially network with the Member Partners.
  • The ILN Scheduler facilitates the Members to confirm their appointment schedules during the Annual Conference. Plan and meet the Member Partner of their choice and achieve the best results from the Face to Face meetings.
  • The Scheduler permits ILN Members to effectively plan the meetings at least a month prior to the ILN AGM


  • ILN Secured Direct Remit facilitates easy remittances to the Member Partners
  • ILN Secured Direct Remit is an Escrow secured payment service
  • Every transaction is immediate and hence eliminates delay in cargo release
  • It is an exclusive benefit for the registered members.
  • ILN – Secured Direct Remit is an online payment system. ILN ensures safety and security as a neutral fund holding company with Escrow, with the guaranteed payments. ILN Member partners benefit from instant payments and receipts globally
  • Safe and secure ILN – Secured Direct Remit minimizes bank transfer fees and maximises the profitability
  • ILN – Secured Direct Remit is exclusively available for ILN registered Members.


At ILN, we are discussing with the global Risk Management companies the comprehensive Risk Management Solutions for the ILN Logistics Network Member Partners


  • Marine liability and general liability
  • Warehouse/Property and Transportation Fleet coverage
  • Cargo cover for international or domestic goods in transit (including project cargo)
  • Ports & harbours coverage, including inland storage and distribution
  • Freight forwarders’ liability
  • Stock throughput and storage risks
  • International insurance programs
  • Liabilities cover for freight handlers, warehouse and CFS operators,